Dolls From Heaven

Dolls from Heaven

We live in a world where the idea of evangelization and spreading the message is something that is not too well known. Dolls from Heaven is a unique venture into helping to spread the message of Christ throughout the world as well as aiming at young children to become more saint like. This is something that is definitely needed to help promote a deeper faith among our youth of today, which in turn could have a lasting impression on adults.

This idea stemmed from one of Catholicism’s highly acclaimed saints, Therese, also knowns as the “little” flower. She was born in France, to two loving parents who in total had nine children. Over her lifetime though she would come to experience great tragedy starting with the death of her mother from breast cancer. Then her father suffered a stroke during her entrance into the Carmelite community at the young age of 15. She then spent the short years of her life devoted to the Lord through prayers and devout love for others. Instead of focusing solely on self she gave her love to others and made sacrifices without others at the time knowing. Her story is one that we can use in our daily lives by remembering that love for Christ and spreading that love is the thing that can settle our fears and doubts. It is also something that will positively affect the world if enough people adopt that way of thinking.

Now that you know a little background on the very special Saint Therese, I will talk about a very interesting concept that the Kiczek family has started. They wish to inspire children to be more like the saints and focus on Jesus. Which is what brought about the concept of Dolls From Heaven, to do just that. After discussing the fact that there are really no doll companies that promote children to faith or to develop a closer relationship with God.



18 Inch Saint Therese Doll!
Sunday Best!


Their first doll is that of Saint Therese, which they stated is “one of their favorite saints”. You can order a special book to go along with your child’s doll called I am Therese, which is based on her journey to sainthood. Another awesome object that you can order to go with your doll is Thereses’ Sunday best; which includes an outfit for your new little Therese doll to dress in for Church.

Take a look at the dolls because they are beautifully done. Pass it along to your friends, family, coworkers as well as religious education teachers, Priests and religious entities. This is something that needs to be talked about and supported!

Here is their website:

Author: Tyler Marie

Without risks there are no rewards but without Christ there is no courage. I am currently attending Saint Leo University to attain a Masters Degree in Theology. Once completed I will go on for my certification in Pastoral Care then finally get my Doctorate. My passion is helping people find Christ and discover the strength that comes from trusting and believing. My ultimate goal is to open a retreat center based on the Stations of the Cross. I love my family, friends, writing, reading, traveling and music but most of all I love God.

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